Psychiatry in Beaverton, OR

Visit Dr. Liana Hategan, MD, your local Beaverton, OR, psychiatry office, when you need to consult with a professional about issues related to anxiety, depression, or other psychological issues. You'll receive personal, one-on-one attention from a dedicated psychiatrists who'll pay attention to all the details of your particular situation.

Whether you suffer from post-traumatic stress or an eating disorder, we'll work to give you an accurate assessment of your situation. We're highly experienced and offer quick responses to your concerns. Reasons to choose our office include:

  • A chance to receive treatment from a compassionate psychiatrist
  • Flexible hours for your convenience

When you need a competent psychiatrist, call Dr. Liana Hategan, MD at our Beaverton, OR, psychiatry office. Get your life back on the right track. Depression doesn't need to bring you down when we may be able to give you the right tools to conquer negative feelings. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.